After 6 months , V3.0 worth it?

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I've read about  V3.0 for M models and Maestro 

However is it worth for 6600?

hear to your comments


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Posted 6 months ago

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David Merchant

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I bought the upgrade for both of my radios. I want to encourage Flex to continue to develop features for the older 6500/6700 radios. If there is nothing in it for them, they will stop. There has been tremendous improvement since v1.  
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Thanks David...from V1 to V3! big step

I used to have V1 with my 6300, it was fantastic, actually have  6600 V2.6.1, and wondering if V3.0 is for me: No maestro no M-model.
I've read some comments about its better on remote use.... needed less bandwidth??...would like to know it


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Fred Nassar

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I have the 6400M and I really enjoy the SmartControl Mode. Lets me control the rig via smartSDR and the Maestro front end. Best of both worlds.
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Yes, I've heard its great for M models and Maestro. 
Glad to hear you are getting great time
Thanks for sharing  
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Brian Denley KB1VBF

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SmartControl Is more of an asset for non-M models.  I can use my Maestro to control my Flex 6400.  Now I have knobs if I want!
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James Whiteway

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I am a want to be, programmer.....hobbiest.
With v3 and my M model radio, I can run SSDR or the front panel along with my test programs and have a nice visual reference to what I am trying to do.
For that alone, the upgrade was worth it.
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George, there are several you tube videos that demonstrate the features of V3.0 and there are many improvements to DAX. 

MultiFlex is like getting another radio!  Two clients can access your radio locally or via the internet simultansously!  These clients can be windows based, SmartSDR, Mac based, DogparkSDR or iOS based, SmartSDRiOS.

With SmartControl, if you have a Maestro or 6x00M model you can use them (knob interface) to control the windows client, SmartSDR or the iOS client, SmartSDRiOS  Pretty cool.

Check it out!

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AGC-T is not automatic, NR works poorly, DAX are eternal problems. They have been working on everything for over 5 years and there are no effects. Think carefully
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Greg, what does any of that have to do with, is V3 worth it?
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Everyone has their own idea of worth. You can’t answer the question correctly for everyone. Just trying to help!
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A lot of what we do with ham radio is to use our imagination to do things with our rigs which suit us, rather than simply setting up a basic station that works but leaves us looking for more. I think that before V3 I had the feeling that whilst V2 was good there was more to achieve and V3 has done that for me.
I have a Maestro which I  sometimes use around the house even though I have a large monitor in my shack. I find that the Maestro is a whole lot more useful for me, than it used to be. Multiflex is a giant leap forward even if initially, you don't think you will use it. Believe me, you will soon change your mind. There is a risk that improvements may go unnoticed unless we take the time, after an upgrade, to actually play around with our rig. Plus, there are sometimes comments on this forum which  hit me between the eyes as I hadn't picked up on some little improvement.

I don't agree with Greg's criticisms of  Smart SDR. I turn my rig on and it works, just like magic.I did have problems with Win 10 updates but I don't see how Flex can be blamed for that, but even those have been addressed in the latest updates, which provides another reason to obtain V3.
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Mike - WB8CXO

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Nicely stated! Thanks!
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Unless you support Flex in the upgrade efforts, no, not worth the money for me anyway.  Until Flex fixes basic problems such as NB, etc.  I just dont use the options included in 3...
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I have no use, as yet, for the new big upgrades in V3 and the latest V2 meets all of my current needs. On the other hand any upgrade addressing the many requested improvements to noise mitigation, auto notch performance, zero beat etc. and the purchase would be instant for me.
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Harold Rosee

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I love V3 but I have a M model.  If you want to run your own VPN for remote you need V3.  If you need multi op you need it.

Other than that you don't need it.  But Smart Control is really worth the money alone.  If you could see it in action you would want to upgrade to a M model or get a Maestro.  For me it's the best feature I have seen so far in SmartSDR.

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Mike W1BFA in Maine

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I held back on V3 until I saw the Flexcontrol option offered.  That was what I had been waiting for.  I took the plunge and after a few false starts I had it running. With a couple of PC's on the desk, multiple monitors, Maestro and SmartSDR on the Ipad I have explored MultiFlex and FlexControl in all kinds of combinations and I am totally impressed  with the new utility of my 6500.  This was the best 200 bucks I have spent on ham radio in quite some time.  I realize with multiple network designs and equipment combined with multiple types of PC's and software levels making millions of variables there are folks that are going to have issues but for me this was a clear winner.

Now my mission is to go back and read the release notes and see what I've missed, that and figure out how to share a common log file across different platforms.
Mike W1BFA

oh, and in addition the Ipad and Iphone seem to connect remote much more readily now.  I have no idea why but there are no more false starts or having to cycle through the choices any more?  dunno
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Like some others, I want to support Flex in their efforts to upgrade the software and radio functionality.  So yes I spend the money, twice on two radios for 3.x.

I don't really use all the features either but the $199 price is a small price to pay for a radio I love to keep getting more functionality.
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Phill Beistel

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I run 3.1.8 on my 6600. I do have a Maestro, but its only for away sessions. The Multi-flex capability is very handy cause I like to operate (with a laptop) from my back patio-porch after lunch. It make that very easy!
I also like to keep the SDR software up to date as all the new improvements and fixes are in the latest release. So is it worth the 200 bucks? I say yes!

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I hardly do any remote operation, and I do not use the Maestro. I'd gladly do the upgrade if version 3 offered some new feature. My 6500 has been very reliable. Considered upgrading, but only the top of the line model offered the "In / Out" receive loop connections. I use these, every day.
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John KB4DU

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For me, it was worth it. Where else can a new radio be acquired for $199?
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If it performs no better than the old one, why spend $199?
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Rick Hadley - W0FG

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It's certainly worth it for me.  Using a combination of my station and Multi-Flex to run a friend's contest grade station I have VP6R confirmed on 6 bands and 3 modes.  Hope to make it 8 or 9 bands before the DXpedition is over.

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Reinaldo Leandro

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I wonder why with that much computing power a cw reader transmitting and receiving is not implemented.
Today even low cost transceivers offers that capability. It is not even posible to use the monitor to feed an accessory reader DAx does not work with monitor.
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That's my job, not the radio's.
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I can't answer that question as I am currently off the air at a new QTH.  I agree with the folks who want to encourage Flex to continue developing and agree that $199 is a small price to encourage overall development of our radio investments.  When I am back on the air with my 6600, 80 foot tower, beam and near legal limit amplifier, I will be looking forward to some good old fashioned hamming.  Sorry but I have never been into contesting and would rather see future development go into fixing noise reduction "auto-notch" and perhaps implementing Pure Speech...  features that would benefit contesters and non-contesters, alike.  Right now, my radio is at 2.6.1.  
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Thomas NE7X

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I agree, need to support FLEX engineering time for developing new features.
However, as a non-SmartSDR remote standalone M model user, v3.x.x has very little additional features for me. I wish Flex would put more development time into features for non-SmartSDR M model users.