ACOM 2000 - Thinking of Giving up on PowerGenius

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I've been reading about folks waiting for their PowerGenius numbers to come up.  People who paid deposits in 2017, still don't have theirs and continue to hear nothing from Flex.  I only got my name on the list in August of 2018, have already waited 10 months and obviously still have a long long way to go with the same small chance of ever knowing how long.  Add to that the fact that despite many attempts no one has succeeded in even getting information about the antenna tuner let alone specifics so it's probably much further out still, if ever.  Plus the current knowledge base includes at least one major manufacturing issue with a still "Version 1" design, only a small sample of existing users so far, and continued extreme difficulty getting official information from Flex about what's going on.  As usual.  I need an amp and I'm about to give up.

Looking at alternatives, I would sure appreciate some advice.  I'm mostly interested in quality, reliability and a good reputation.  I'd like full power on HF with auto tuning and need an antenna tuner one way or another (I've got big "space sacrifices" in the antenna department I need to deal with).  I don't trust Alpha at all, would like something a little more substantial than say Ameritron (not knocking them - I had one once and they're just fine) and I'm leaning towards the ACOM 2000a based on lots and lots of mostly positive reviews over many years.

There are some posts here on them, mostly about hooking them up.  I exchanged emails with DX Engineering and they advise not bothering with anything but the PTT line and letting the amp do the work when it's actually going to be used (as opposed to following your tuning-around adventures with it's servos, etc).  It seems very beefy, has the power, apparently is a good QSK machine (even my 6600 can't say that (yet?)), built-in antenna tuner and again, years and years of user experience.  I'm beginning to think it's a better move.   Would sure appreciate any thoughts anyone may have.  Thanks in advance!
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