ACC port operational philosophy with DIGIU

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So, I got my cable built for the ACC connector last night. I'm using a SignaLink USB, looks like I need to move JP3 to get enough output.

One thing I noticed is that the mic is still hot when using the ACC connector. In digital modes, this is Not Good. The workaround for this would be to switch to Line for the mic input, but without persistance in the mode settings, this is kludgy at the moment.

I understand that it was done this way for voice keyers, and that makes sense, but with DIGU, it really doesn't. Also, when muting the speakers, (I really don't want to listen to PSK31 screaming at me ) it mutes the ACC output. I think the speaker mute shouldn't mute the ACC port when on DIGU.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Official Response
The way it's supposed to work is this:

If you select ACC from the drop down selector, it should mute the microphone inputs. If you select MIC, BAL or LINE, you can have the accessory input mixed in by selecting the +ACC button to the right of the audio level slider.

The idea was to allow people to use the accessory input for voice keyers, or digital modes and have both mixed or muted mic signals.

Now, I have not tested this myself to verify it actually works this way, but that was the way it was supposed to be configured.

Testing this is on my TO-DO list, but probably won't happen until the weekend or next week.

Ultimately, we will have DAX working and these problems will no longer be an issue.

With regards to the speaker muting, unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done about this. The accessory output and the speaker output are fed from the same hardware point, so muting one would mute both. Again, DAX will fix this problem.

DAX is currently on the Version 1.1 roadmap.

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Ah ha! Ok, well, now that makes much more sense. I wasn't aware of the difference in operation between ACC from the drop down and the +ACC button. I'll have to check to see if it does really work that way. :)

Can't wait for DAX. I want to be able to decode DRM here in the UK and I can't do that through a least I don't think I can? Haven't tried, but it's probably not designed for 10k bandwidth.

Speaker muting is not that big of a quibble, I just shut the speakers off. DAX will be *the* solution, can't wait for it to get here!
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Well, got home, did some testing.

They only way I can get audio to go through the ACC port is to click the +ACC button. If I select "LINE" I don't get anything, but click the +ACC and we're off to the races.

Adjusting Mic gain has no effect on the +ACC input. That's good I suppose, I can adjust audio in from my SignaLink with the knob on the front. Had to set JP3 to get enough drive out of the SignaLink, but now I can drive the radio easily to 60w with comp off and EQ out of line.

So, the only way (for now) to shut off a hot mic is to change to an unused input.
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Choose ACC from the dropdown menu.

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Oh duh! I even said that myself earlier.
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If Flex wants to implement DAX ahead of schedule,

I do not think any of us would complain....

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