A shout out and big thank you to Tim!

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Hi All,

I'm 60.  I've been in high technology for 35 years of my life.  I've been in the hot seat more than a few times with angry customers and often have been the ear for customers that just wanted to bitch because perhaps they can't do it at home.  Makes perfect sense right?  Bitch at the computer guy because your wife refused to let you get your new boat.  Been there, been on the receiving end of that!

I can still remember well and count on one hand the times when a customer just called to say thanks.  Support is a mostly thankless job.  People are perfectly happy and don't bug you until something in their world goes wrong.

Enter the internet and now it is easier than ever to voice your displeasure and gripe about the things causing you to get hives.

FRS provides this forum free of charge and encourages us to interact.  Quite often our interactions go negative in a big way.  The one person here that is charged with keeping tabs on this forum is Tim and recently I would say he has been given more than his fair share of gripes and complaints and through it all he has continued to provide 5 star service and professional responses.

I am 100% sure someone out there will read this and even though I'm trying to recognize Tim for his outstanding effort, their issue will overshadow things and they will post something negative perhaps about how they feel abused by FRS for leaving them behind with the new models or whatever.  It is cowardly easy to hide behind your screen and keyboard and type in trash.

I hope that isn't the case here because this thread is all about Tim.  I don't know him, I've never met him.  I only know him by what he presents here on the FRS community and based on my experience we users could not ask for someone better.

Tim... Thank you for all you do.  Thank you for your knowledge, your tireless answers to our often dumb and impatient questions.  Just thank you!

Gerald and FRS, you recently awarded some Elmers and other awards.  Where is the one Tim deserves!?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Tim deserves a raise and a new suit of body armor
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Well, the seat of my asbestos pants has been getting a little worn lately ;-)