A Question While, I Await Delivery Of My New DEMI 70cm Transverter

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After waiting 5 months for my 2 meter DEMI LDPA, I thought I wouldn't see the 70cm Transverter that I ordered mid-February for a while, but it just shipped!

I intend to use a switch to switch the 70 cm Transverter to the Xvr and RcvrB connections on the back of my 6700. To transmit on 2 M I'd switch it into RcvrB, when I want to transmit on 70cm I can switch it to Xvr. The idea is that I would like to monitor 70cm while having a conversation on 2 meters. The LDPA and the Transverter will go though a Diplexer to my main dual UHF/VHF antenna.

Should I have any concerns about overloading anything if I transmit on 2 M with the 70cm Transverter on or should I make it a habit to turn off the Transverter any time I might use the 2M LDPA?

Is the Transverter being off an "absolute must" or just "it couldn't hurt"?

Thanks a lot to those that have gone before me...

Roy, AC2GS
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Posted 4 years ago

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I have a similar question about the same equipment for a different use. I don't have my DEMI units yet.

I'm setting up a satellite ground station, and I'd like to be able to run 'full duplex' mode J, which is a 2m uplink and 70cm downlink, and listen to the downlink while transmitting.

My current plan is to insert one of these filters: http://www.nx7u.net/4x3x5.html in the 70cm RX path only while in RX, and to connect the 70cm transverter to one of the TX outputs on the rig with a 10m IF . . . but I'd love to hear thoughts from people with more experience in these things.

Steve AI4QR
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took a long time for mine too got the 2 432 and 222