A new replacement for Flex 1500 ?

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Following introduction of several new 6000 series models, I wonder if Flex plan to develop a replacement for Flex 1500, possibly a model with power output say somewhere around 30-40 W or so, with a touch screen. While not as small as KX2 or KX3, still suitable for portable operation.I would appreciate some comments from Flex about my question/idea.
Tom, SP7WT
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Posted 3 years ago

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Rob N4GA

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I'll take a 5W black box version with no fans. 
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Brian Bedoe WD9HSY

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Well I wasn't sure about SDR, so I got a 1500 and IT WAS THE STARTER DRUG!!  Now I have my 6300 and have not looked back .....  Another Starter / QRP radio may be the perfect addition to the line!  So more can get Hooked!
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Welcome to FA ... Flexers Anonymous.

I also started with a 1500 almost 5 years ago and only had it for three weeks after Christmas when I decided I HAD to put in a pre-release order for a 6500 to replace my 20 year-old TS-850SAT.

At Dayton/Xenia I put a deposit down for a trade-up to a 6600.  I am hoping that my finances will clear up and allow me to complete the deal.(multi $K emergency van repairs and other issues have happened since Xenia).  

Needless to say, I am solidly hooked on Flex SDR.

A 1500 replacement would be really nice.  But I don't know how they will pull off anything in that price window.  The 1500 was a LOT of radio for the money.
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Bill -VA3WTB

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I too moved from the Flex 3000 after 10+ years with it. That radio performed well and never gave me a problem, and with all the new features and upgrades,,thanks to KE9NS, it became fun again. I moved to the 6500 over the last couple months and I am really happy.

Yes the PSDR has features I miss a little, it should, after all these many years of development, but I love SSDR, it has all the features I personally need and it just works well, simple. It is slick, clean, and polished. and more refined.

I still have the 3000, packed away in the same box the 6500 came in,,it drops right in place in the box were the 6500 came out of,,same foot print. And now that I have V2 installed, I wonder what new things Flex will think of for future features? that will be interesting.
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Same thing happened to me.  I tried a 1500 to see what the buzz was about, graduated to a 5000 in about 6 months and now run a 6700 and Maestro.  My 1500 went to a local ham, with several others in our local club buying into either 1500s or 3000s.  My 5000 went to another local who sub sequently unloaded it.  I was approached by one of our newer hams last night at a club meeting - what rig should I buy.  A 1500 replacement would have been an easy sell.  What I recommended was checking Flex for 1500 or 3000 trade-ins - as well as enrty level Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu.

Keith - AC9S
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Currently, there are no plans for a low powered SDR based on the FLEX-6000 architecture.
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Yep! I too made the "mistake" of getting a 1500 a few years ago. Dangerous, very dangerous. Next thing I knew I was down for one of the first 6700s at Dayton announcement. Perhaps some will be saved without the 1500 ploy making them unable to resist moving up to the 6000 series. PS My 1500 still does a great job.