A Glimpse of the Future of Amateur Radio?

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Just wondering if other Flex owners are as amazed as I am by the new Oscar 100 (Es'Hail 2) geostationary satellite? 

* Xmit with 3 watts for an S9+ SSB signal covering a 10,000 mile footprint.  
* Propagation not dependent on time of day or sunspot cycles. 
* 250 KHz of bandwidth for CW, Digital and SSB modes.
* 2.4/10 Ghz feels like a 20 meter band that's always open.
* Use a small TV size satellite dish - more HOA and neighbor friendly.
* Additional bandwidth for experimenting with high speed data and TV.

The Oscar 100 footprint covers Brazil, Thailand, Germany, South Africa, but (unfortunately) not North America. Hopefully Oscar 100 will encourage more geostationary amateur satellites and more innovative (Flex???) gear for hams!   

This video, recorded this morning from the IS0GRB WebSDR receiver in Sardinia, Italy, is of a SSB QSO between PY2RN in Brazil and DK2DB in Germany - 5,000 miles as the crow flies.

John AF3K
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Posted 12 months ago

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Very cool!
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I'd like to see ARRL and AMSAT create a funding push for something similar to OSCAR 100 for the US (like they did years ago for the Phase 3D program).  Or at least another high altitude elliptical orbit bird with linear transponders.  I really miss the days of OSCAR 13. 
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I resemble that remark!
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mikeatthebeach  I don't think anyone appointed you the spokesperson for "old timer" hams.  Some of us "old timers" made OSCAR contacts, EME contacts, meteor scatter contacts,  ISS/STS contacts, etc., 30-50 years+ ago.  And yes, we often have DXCC on all bands & all modes including digital, CW and even on Phone!  I have heard some newly minted hams whining about how FT-8 was ruining Ham Radio.  I haven't been able to make any sense of that claim.  I do agree that a few sun spots would be extra nice!  Hi!  Hi!  73 Don
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This 77 yo ham agrees with u Don. Have a nice day.
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My first Oscar qso was with a key across the PTT of a xtal-controlled 2m rig for uplink and my Drake RX on 10m down-link.
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My very first PSK31 contact was with a 94 year old Ham who had just bought and set up a soundcard mode - this was in 2000. 

It ain't the age, it's the outlook. I know some people in their 50's that think FT8 is killing Ham Radio. Then there's my buddy in Washington State and his outlook. 

The number of cool thinigs to do in Ham radio makes me kind of feel sorry for those who have determined only one mode or activity is the proper one. 
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