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Never upgraded before a little gunshy. Can I just download over the old copy? I am running a native win. 10 machine...
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Posted 3 years ago

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Just install using the release notes with the file. As an Alpha tester I've updated every week for years without issues.

Alpha Tester
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Read and follow the instructions. I have never had a problem. I run dedicated PCs that do nothing but run the radios. They don't go web surfing or checking emails. You'll do fine!
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When I installed the new version, it installed side-by-side with 1.84 version, so I had both of them available.  Once I was satisfied that 1.97 was acceptable, I uninstalled the prior version using Control Panel in Windows.
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Opinions vary as to whether you should just install over the old one or uninstall, reboot, and install the new one.  Both methods will work fine.  But as others have said, always be sure to read and follow the install instructions in the release notes.  And be patient in the process.  Set aside 30 minutes to an hour for the whole process the first time so that you can take your time and not rush into silly mistakes or shortcuts.

The easiest way is to just install over the old version.  But make sure that you either delete the shortcuts to the older versions, or move them to an "Old Flex SSDR Shortcuts" directory so that you don't try to run an older version accidentally and get confused as to why it is asking you to downgrade..... (a common problem reported here.)

I have heard a greater number of issues when people install over the old one several times and then decide to remove the older versions.  It can be done, but sometimes it gets a little more technical.  Pick one method and go with it until you get really proficient.

The beauty of it all is that we are dealing with computers here and it is really hard to "break" anything permanently.  If you are really gun shy, you can tell your computer to establish a backup/restore setpoint before you make any changes so that if you get anything really screwed up you can use "restore" to set things right and start over.....

Also I make it a habit to reboot my computer before and after installing the new software and to do a power-off restart of my 6500 before the upgrade and after it has upgraded.  Both of these steps make sure that the shack computer and the rig have both had clear reboots.  

Good luck 

Ken - NM9P
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Ken, my practice is always remove the old completely, that includes the directory and reboot. Never had a problem using that scheme.
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My usual pattern has been to uninstall the program but leave DAX and CAT intact, unless there is a major rework of either.  Likewise, I have had very few installation related problems.  My own theory is that I have begun by rebooting the computer first to clear out garbage in the RAM and other places, close DAX & CAT, then uninstall.  Then I always reboot the computer after the install and power-cycle the rig before and after update.  The last power-cycle has helped me a couple of times when the rig seemed to have some "junk" remnants after update and didn't seem to fully initialize properly.  I don't know if this is absolutely required, but it only takes another 60 seconds or so each time (15-30 seconds for power off and 45 seconds for rig reboot.)  

But it is fine to install new versions over the old.  I just like to keep things cleaner by uninstalling the old one first.
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I did it for first time today following this process, worked without blowing up..
from George Molnar.. 
1) Shut down SSDR, DAX, and CAT, along with any other apps calling for them. 2) Turn off the Flex. 3) Run the installer. 4) Before launching the new version, start the Flex and allow it to boot. 5) Allow SSDR to update the rig's firmware (yellow progress bar). 6) Replace your shortcuts - Each version has its own, so SSDR in your Start Menu will be the OLD version, and starting it there will prompt you to "downgrade."

When you choose to remove the old version, leave the DAX files. Just have the uninstalled remove the app. 

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Official Response
All went well including dm780 (with mini deluxe). Thanks to all

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