6700 vs 6600 Side by Side Experience?

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I've read all of the available comparison information as well as doing a search on the comparisons.  All I could find are threads from 3 to 12 months old.  The previous threads spoke to the available comparison table and opinions on 7 order contest band filters.

That being said, has anyone done an actual side by side comparison of the two?
I'm considering trading my 6700 in for a 6600.  The main obvious differences (8 slices vs 4 slices, 2m) are not a concern for me.  Mechanically I like how all the connections to the 6600 are made on the back of the rig which keeps the front of the radio clutter free.  The other plus (even though I didn't need it on the 6700) is a 2 year warranted rig.

Of course the important thing is receiver performance and transmit performance.  I'll be using it in an SO2R environment.  I have 403A band pass filters along with a triplexer for my tri-banders.  I don't think the internal filtering of the 6600 will be good enough,by themselves since my 10,15 and 20 meter antennas are on the same boom.  I'm sure I'll need to continue to use the 403A band pass filters.
That being said, any real world experience that would suggest I would either lose, gain or stay even going from a 6700 to a 6600?

Thanks in advance.
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Posted 1 year ago

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The 6600 has 7th order bandpass filters on all the contest bands more than enough for SO2R.
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For whatever this may be worth.  A friend of mine who lives in one of those gated communities in Florida recently took delivery of a 6600M.  Even with the 7th Order Filter he says he sees his noise floor jump way up every time a local neighbor (1500 feet away) transmits, even when his neighbor is on a different band. 

Considering your current arrangement (6700 with 4o3A band pass filters), I'm not sure if you'd be actually gaining anything changing to a 6600, except the warranty.
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The increase in noise floor could be broadband phase noise being transmitted by the neighbor, not from the phase noise in the receiver...  just a thought.
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No amount of filtering on the receive side can fix the other guy’s wide band transmitted noise at that close range. He would need a transmitter band pass filter on his end.