6700: Assigning TX1 and TX2 to different Slices?

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Are there any plans to having the ability to assign TX1, TX2 and/or TX3 to different slices?  I purchased the 6700 for SO2R and would like the ability to key one  amp at a time. The way it is now both amps would be keyed while one is actually receiving RF.

Or is there a different way to control two amps?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
Rich, Here is an excerpt from the Profiles manual. Yes it's possible and I run SO2R here on separate T/R antennas and 1.5 Kw amps.
Transmit profiles are also linked to a TX Antenna. This means that when the transmit slice changes TX

Antenna, the Transmit profile linked to that mode antenna will be loaded.

To link a Transmit profile to a TX Antenna, set the transmit slice to the TX Antenna you wish to link. Then

load or save a Transmit profile. From then on, whenever the transmit slice TX ANT is changed to the

antenna you selected, the linked Transmit profile will be loaded. For example:

1. Slice A is the transmit slice. TX ANT is ANT1

2. Slice B is NOT the transmit slice. TX ANT is ANT2

3. Load SO2R_TX1 Transmit profile. (This Transmit profile is now linked to ANT1)

4. Set Slice B as the transmit slice.

5. Load SO2R_TX2 Transmit profile. (This Transmit profile is now linked to ANT2)

6. Set Slice A as the transmit slice. (This loads the SO2R_TX1 Transmit profile)

7. Change Slice A TX ANT to ANT2. (This loads the SO2R_TX2 Transmit profile)