6600 with separate maestro

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If I understand correctly, if you get the model that uses an external maestro, you have to use a computer to connect the two, correct? Will the latest versions/drivers run on Win7 or is 10 required?
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Posted 9 months ago

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A Maestro, laptop,,Iphone,,will connect to the radio. There is no need for a computer. They connect using Lan connection over the network.

Yes for Win 7 and up.
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I have my Flex 6300 hooked directly to the Maestro with NO computer or router/internet right now and it's working just fine.  I do have Windows 10, but I think Windows 7 should work, at least for basic use.  I just today got my 6300 hooked up directly, and it went just like the manual said.  I was making some mistakes and had not been able to do that, but it was easy after I read the manual and some previous posts.  Hope this helps, Dpm. WB5HAK
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Jamie, I use a Maestro-a or a pc or an iPad either lan connected or internet connected. No requirement of a specific PC desktop or laptop. Very Felexable! Phill WB3DHF
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Initial setup requires CAT connection between Maestro and 6600 and 6600 connected to your WiFi with a CAT cable. The Maestro must be plugged in to the wall (external power).
After that the Maestro can connect to the 6600 via your WiFi router (and you can power it with a battery).
I prefer using the Maestro on battery with WiFi. That way I can pick it up and move to another room witbout re-starting.
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Official Response
Hi Jamie

There are some correct answers here and some not so correct.

The Maestro can connect directly to the radio (any 6000 series) with just a LAN cable connected from the Maestro to the Radio in its simplest mode.  Make sure the Maestro is powered from external 12v power as the LAN port is not active when the Maestro is running on 100% battery.  No computer is required.

SmartSDR DAX or SmartSDR CAT is not required until you wish to use some logging or digital modes.  Those can run on your computer at the same time as using the Maestro.  If you chose this mode, then your Maestro needs to be LAN cabled into your home network (LAN Switch) so that the Maestro, PC and Radio can all communicate with each other.

I hope that helps.

Mike va3mw