6600 vs FT5000 Receive audio

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I would like to get some help with receive audio setup.
I used to yaesu audio and while I am not trying to match audio, I found audio on Yaesu is more readable, more intellegent and less smeared than 6600.
Some signal are pretty strong and I have a hard time to understand them on 6600.
I put few videos, and of course some propagation changes affect the results and not sure iphone catching all aspects of the audio.
Please let me know if it all in my head :)

Setup - Both radio as 2.1khz SSB, DNR on FT5000=4, NR on 6600=12.
IPO on FT5000 is IPO1, Preamp on 6600=8db (I tried with preamp OFF as well, similar results).
FT5000 used Station Monitor speakers, 6600 connected to powered Audioengine5+ stereo speakers. I also tried to swap them-smilar results.
Here are few recordings:

I think 3rd video is more pronounce the difference in readability, however iphone recoding masking most of the noise coming from 6600.

Sergey, KN7K
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Posted 1 year ago

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Jay or Bill,
Could you confirm AGC switching Slow-Med-Fast make any difference in per Manual calibration mode or per Jay's way.
What ever signal i listen, loud or weak signal, switching between Slow-Med-Fast does not make ANY difference. My AGC-T knee drops on 20m around 51, so I tried 50,47,45,40 and even lower several settings.
Please do not tell me that I do not know how to adjust AGC-T. Over last 3 days I've done dozen times :)
Or please let me know how I suppose to hear a difference. On Yaesu, I am going to loud station and on Fast i hear quick recovery, on slow- steady signals between words, so I know it works. On Flex i do not see any difference.
Sergey, KN7K

I opened ticket last night and in contact with Tim from Flex.
Will go over his suggestions later tonight.
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The Fast, Med, and Slow settings don't really show up as easily heard audible signal differences all that much, the final speaker audio may not be affected in a dramatic way.
However you will see the effects when working digital modes like FT8. For FT8 you probably want Fast or Off selected, any nearby, overly strong FT8 signals heard in a RX interval can actually drive the weaker signals right out of the WSJT-X decoders and so cost you some of the weaker contacts possible. If that's the situation then the Off selection will probably solve that problem.

With SSB, Med, or Slow, can help to control any pumping effect of the noise in between the signals. The different setting can make a big difference when you're tryin to reduce the effects of lightning static crashes. 

Each setting does have a useful purpose. 

What your hearing and seeing doesn't sound like normal operation to me. 
See what Tim comes up with. 

The audio from your Flex in the video's you posted, was not normal Flexradio Audio.

You do sound like you've figured out the technique for setting the level, your just not getting the expected result.

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