6600 Transmit Fault

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Hi All,

I was working my shop and had 6600 just monitoring 20m. 

I came back in to find my pan looked like I was transmitting.  Like continuous dits.  My cat has been known to play with the paddle.  But the paddle was not even plugged in.  I could see a few watts going out on the LP700.

I toggled MOX, tried a few things but could not get transmit to stop.

I quit SSDR and restarted it and all was back to normal for a short while.  Then it did it again.

When it finally stopped doing it my TX indicator lower right says TX fault.  Hovering over it says "Inhibit out-of-band".   It will not allow transmit even though I am in band.

I restarted the radio and again for a few minutes it was fine.  Then it repeated the action.  This time as it repeated I monitored the transmit on my Flex 6300 and I could see the signal drifting madly down the band.  I mean like a kc every 15 seconds.  It drew a nice diagonal line on my 6300 pan.

I will open a help ticket but I'm asking here now to see if an anyone else as seen anything similar.

Mark - WS7M
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Mark - WS7M

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Posted 2 months ago

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Keith Flint

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Did your power supply crater?
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mikeatthebeach .

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Are you using V3.0.27
Try downgrading and then upgrading
Reset Radio to factory defaults
Some gremlins in 3.0.27
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Mark is this a M-model or plain Jane 6600,  If plain 6600 and your using computer has something possibly grabbed a hold of a possible Com port you might have assigned as a PTT? , or possible a Marco assigned to a keyboard key stuck? have you disconnected any USB accessories you may have connected or terminated any other running software beside SSDR?
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I had the same thought.
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Mark - WS7M

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Hi all:

No, power supply is great.  Tested that and it is a solid 13.8 even under 25 amp load.

I am actually using 3.1.3 Alpha version which I have been running for probably 4-6 weeks without an issue.

This is a plain Jane 6600

There is one possibility and I will monitor the situation tomorrow.  I have been testing my 6300 luggable into an end fed wire at different wattages.  I had considered that it was RFI, however when I first noticed the problem today the 6300 luggable was not even powered up and had been disassembled for most of the morning.

I turned the radio off for most of the day and tonight I just turned it back on.  So far, (last 10 min) it has been ok.

I will monitor it tomorrow AM and see if it goes crazy again.
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Try the version released to the alpha group last night.

Dave wo2x
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Will do!