6600 Reliability... So far...

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I would like people to remember this is a "support board".  Often on support boards and I'd run quite a few over the years all you hear is the problems and issues.

It can look pretty bad at times as it seems like one issue appears after another.

I wanted to report that I've now had my 6600 for approaching 2 weeks.  Since its arrival it was swapped in, in place of my 6500, and has only been rebooted twice.

The first reboot was to get setup for .33 update which surprisingly the radio did not have.  The second reboot was to get setup on Smartlink... New radio, new smartlink.

Since that that time the radio has been on 24/7.  I use it every morning for a CW QSO at home.  Then I had to work and do CW practice via SmartLink early am.

It has been rock solid.

The only comment I have is the varying Ethernet status that has been reported.  So far my has only disconnected once but I do see the variance in latency.  Hope FRS finds and nails that issue.

This radio is exactly what I have been hoping for, for so many years.  I can run my radio from anywhere.  I can sit in the kitchen as I am now with my laptop and copy / send CW.  I can do it from work.  I can travel to my friends house in Denver and after he crashes out I can get on 80m and enjoy remote work.

This radio, as a server, suites my needs perfectly and I'm happy to report that so far, it is just working.

Thanks FRS.
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Mark - WS7M

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Posted 2 years ago

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Alan W4FBI

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May I add that I am similarly pleased with my 6400. Perfect for a couple of months now.

But I do power down when not in use....
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Mark - WS7M

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Hi Alan,

I leave mine on as I do my primary computers due to years of realizing that in rush can be a bad thing on some components.

Over my life as a software professional I've had at least 6 different computer that ran fine for some period of time that when turned on after a normal power down actually shot sparks out of some part of the system.

After three of these I began to keep track of those left on versus off and power consumed versus not and in the end from a pure financial and pain standpoint the ones left on came out way ahead.

Also in my case I can never exactly tell when I plan to use my radio so she stays on.
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I concur.  My station; radio, computer, monitors and all run 24/7.  My 6500, now 4 years old, and currently my back-up radio, still functions perfectly.  I did manage to brick it doing Alpha testing (my own fault for not following directions carefully), but the mothership had it back to me in short order. The 6400 I bought the first of the year for testing purposes has also been run 24/7 since then with no current issues. . The main station computer is now 5 years old and probably due for an upgrade, but still does everything I ask of it (after fighting video card problems 2-3 years ago when I upgraded to 3 monitors), so my next investment is going to be an SPE 1.3k amp, going online in a few weeks.
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I've had the Flex 6300, 6500 for 2 years, & now the 6600...  No problems ... Reliability has been Great ...
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Hi Mark - I am confused. I thought the only way to use CW remotely was via CWX unless using the Maestro WinKeyer implementation. For me, keyboard CW isn't bona fide. Did I miss something?

W7NGA dan
Seaside, Oregon  
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I'd like to add my 6700 has been ROCK solid since the day it arrived.  My biggest gripe with it is, the possibilities are ENDLESS.  I'm using the 6700 in all sorts of cool ways.  One day I had PSK, RTTY, FT8 SSTV, listening to CW in one ear and had a qso on 20 phone all going at the same time.....oh and I have had my phased array listening to DX on 80 meters, and worked the 3B7 that way, while on another band I had my 11 el beam, while on another I had my dipole for 40 mters, .more than one man can digest, it was very cool.  What's next?  Satellite work of course, stuff on order now, WHAT A COOL RADIO.  Sure beats my IC 9100/7800
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Dan,  CWX is an easy way to send CW remote and it is how I do it currently.

Whether it is "bonafide" or not is I think up to the individual operator.  The CWX system sends pretty much perfect CW in my opinion and I can use it when I cannot have a paddle or somewhere, where a paddle would be pretty silly.

As far as "other" CW remotes:

1) Yes you could do the WinKeyer emulation.  I think there are some people that have it hooked up remote. 

2) Build a small little device that sent relay closures over the net that could act like the left/right side of your paddle.  The problem is always going to be latency.  IE even if you had local side tone and you formed perfect characters there is no guarantee that the relay closures would arrive at the same timing remote so you could be and most likely would be sending garbage even though it sounds wonderful to you.

3) So one option would be a hybrid approach:   Build a device that recognizes the characters you paddle in and gives you local side tone but then translates the character to a CWX character command.   I think again you might still hit some latency issues.

I think CWX currently is the best option.   There are some other ways I can think of to send CW remote but each has its own challenges.

Personally for me, even though it is not CW via paddle, CWX allows me to work CW from just about anywhere and that is just plain cool.
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I am running 6500 since 2013 fall and mostly 24/7 on.  I experienced network problems time to time that required me to hard reboot in the past.  However, it is solid stable in these days and I do not need to reboot.
I am very satisfied with this stability and thinking about remote station use.  ( I wish I could use remote operation for FT8!)

73 de JI1BNU
Ken Yamada
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Larry Benoit

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I've enjoyed my 6600 for six weeks and had one spontaneous network disconnect over 300 hours of use. I shut down the radio and DC power supply every night. 
Larry KB1VFU