6600 Receive Performance

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Just a quick anecdotal note - really enjoying the 6600's receiver. In the attached image, the huge spike is a station just 3 miles away, working the world with a far better antenna than mine.

Top line is -81 dBm. Vertical divisions are 400 Hz.

The Flex panafall reveals just how bulletproof this receiver is. Nearby signals are completely unaffected, and the background level just doesn't budge. The rig just handles things so well.

As always, a very satisfied customer.

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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Posted 8 months ago

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Mark WS7M

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George, always good to hear/see.   Any idea how much power that close station is running?

I had a guy exactly 2 miles south of me one day on CW running 1500 watts pop up just 3 kc away and like in our graph there was a massive signal but I could still hear the station I was working.
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I had something like this happen.  My WNB was on, and it telegraphed the station's cw into the static.  I Toggled the WNB and it stopped.
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