6600 back safe - A few panic moments

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Hi all,

After the fan issues Flex came through, replaced the fan and the 6600 arrived yesterday.  I turned it on and ran it overnight on the bench and so far it seems very stable.

So this morning I moved it back to my shed.  I cut all power and very carefully installed everything.   On Tim's recommendation a while ago I had picked up an Array Solutions static discharge box.  Like I always do I put that inline with the radio.

My goal is to protect the radio/receiver from static some local discharges.  After getting everything powered up I headed into my desk and fired up SSDR.

I had a moment of panic looking at 40m and the noise S reading was like S1 and the strongest signal on the band was like S4.   I was like "what is going on!?".  I played with the pre-amp but still could not get much above S4.

I re-verified the cabling and connections.   Still no strong signals.  So I turned on the 6300 which also runs into my SPE amp.  I switched inputs to the 6300 and all of a sudden 40m CW came alive with some massive signals around 7.030, these were on the 6300.  I had SSDR running on a different computer so I could connect it to the 6300.  

I switched the amp input back to the 6600 and looked at its copy of SSDR and 40 went back to death.  My heart sank thinking I have another issue with my 6600.

I even made a movie as I figured I'd need to ship it back with some evidence.   Out of my usual trouble shooting I went and swapped cables and all of sudden the 6600 came alive on 40m and the 6300 was now dead.

The only difference was the array solutions discharge box.  I took it out of the line and both radios are now happy.

So first: Thanks to Flex for the support, issue resolution and all of that.  The 6600 home, undamaged and seems to be running well.

Next a question:  On these little array solutions discharge boxes, if a local event happens is the likely result that these boxes would highly dampen signals?

Last item.  My 6300 now appears to have a noisy fan.   Sigh... These fans are gonna drive me crazy.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Mark, I solved my fan problems by running the rigs in the freezer refrigerator. Low noise, no heat issues, cold beer. What's not to like? 73's ... dan
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LOL... Now why didn't I think of that!?   

I used to do CCD astronomy and to get the CCD arrays as low noise as possible they have Peltier coolers and I even had a camera once that had a liquid cooling system with a pump.  I used to bring a cooler with ice and set the jug of cooling solution in the ice bath.

That was a fricken pain and sometimes the pump would fail to run, a leak would start... And you are hundreds of miles away from your shop.  So you start to pack more and more stuff from your shop.  Some guys had RVs, trailers and other stuff just to combat the field problems.
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Mark, I think many of those discharge boxes fail as a dead short after sacrificing themselves. But sometimes they only fail halfway, leading to lots of head scratching as you described.

Glad you found the problem.
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Array solutions sells replacement parts for the arrestor

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Looks like the Array Solutions device did it's job..
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Sounds like the Gas discharge tube is shorted or DC de-coupling Capacitor has failed, either way VERY easy to repair. 
You must live in a area that has a lot of static discharge sources if you had one of these fail.

Schematic is on there WEB site.