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ordered June 5, 2017
invoiced Feb 6, 2018
date shipped: Feb 14 (Valentine's Day)
arrival to North Texas 27 hours later! (the "brown van" was "out for delivery" early morning, but package did not arrive until after the dinner hour)

Kudos to Tim Ellison and his consistently evident top notch customer support (Gerald, isn't Tim due for another raise?)

There were a few videos of the new radios way back in summer of 2017, but I've been astonished not to have seen many photos of the (GA) radio, so let's get on with the show!

Opening up the inner box...

...let's look inside the box

Note the Powerpole connector at one end, no connector attached to distant end of cable.

Note the sturdy foam packaging...

The radio is up and running!  Note the logo top-center of the faceplate marked "FLEX-6400M HF/50 MHZ Transceiver"...nice touch!  I am using this with a set of JBL Control 2P speakers...professional studio-grade solution recommended by Heil...the speakers sound great with this radio!

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Posted 2 years ago

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Rick WN2C

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Congrats to you Doug. I got mine a week ago and have been having fun with it. I was Flex-less for a while and really missed the display of the Flex. Have fun with it and hope to hear you on the air.
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Thanks for sharing this with us Doug. Wish I could have done the same with the 6600M I ordered  3 days before you ordered. I guess they will get to me soon...............?

Have fun 73
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Congratulations on your new radio and the pictures. Many of us will still be radioless for another weekend. What happened to the 6600m's push that where supposed to be coming off the assembly line on Friday according to Mike at Flex? I purchased my radio 6/7/17 paid the invoice 2/7/18 and still no tracking information. Must still be on that limbo line .
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hey vinnie
i feel your pain..

i ordered 6600M on 24may2017, invoice paid 30Jan2018
have been waiting every since...
now missing the cw contest ;-(

hey doug...
hope to see some videos

paul k3sf
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What is amazing from my daily look on Youtube no new Flex 6400 or 6600 radios are being displayed or am I on the wrong site? I know there is Facebook.  Usually, you will see someone showing an un-boxing and then a report just to rub it in on the rest of us poor radioless operators. I've yet to notice any of this as well. Maybe its better off for my blood pressure not acting like a high SWR reading knowing that my radio is neither here nor there or anywhere now.  Like I said before the only bull I've been hearing about is from the representatives of Flex and moving these transceivers out timely.     
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HCampbell WB4IVF

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From Flex's Frequently Asked Questions:

 "How soon after I pay my invoice can I expect shipment?"

"We will email invoices approximately two weeks ahead of the estimated shipment date."

So if you were invoiced/paid on 2/7 it's still a bit early for the tracking info, but hopefully you'll be getting it soon.

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Yes we were told 2 weeks from invoice date but I ordered my 6600M on 5/23/17 and still no shipping notice after over 3 weeks from invoice date on 1/25/18 paid in full and still no estimate on a future date due to a production decision to produce in model batches rather than order date. Oh well, maybe this week.