6400M doesn't connect to DAX/CAT upon startup

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Normall I start my computer first which initializes CAT and DAX.  Then upon starting the 6400M, all goes well and it operates fine but doesnt connect to CAT or DAX.  This procedure worked fine on my 6300.  I usually can shut down DAX and CAT, restart them and they connect to the 6400M fine but this procedure seems like it should not be necessary.
What am I doing wrong or what procedure should I use to use DAX/CAT? Thanks for the help.
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Jim,

I'm guessing there is something in your network that after PC restart is not quite fully alive and therefore Dax and Cat cannot connect.

I have seen this before with a very slow DHCP server.

You could spend the time to find/fix that or decide that you will not start Dax and Cat during Windows startup and start them later.

This was my decision, not because they were not working but rather that I often op at different computers so I didn't want Dax and Cat left running.

So I removed them from startup folder.  You can search google for "Location of startup folder windows 10" and that will get you to the folder.  You'd remove Cat/Dax from there.

Then before you want to op, run Dax, run Cat then run SmartSDR.  I do this is a batch file that I stored on my desktop:

echo off
rem Flex startup batch file

cd "C:\Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v2.1.30\DAX"
start dax.exe

cd "C:\Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v2.1.30\SmartSDR CAT"
start cat.exe

cd "C:\Program Files\FlexRadio Systems\SmartSDR v2.1.30"
start SmartSDR.exe --serial=####-####-####-####

Obviously replace the ####-####-####-#### with your radio serial number.  And if you are not on version 2.1.30 you'd replace that with your version number.

I have a similar batch file to stop all flex programs.  This process has been working very well.

But again, I am not advocating that this is the "right" or "best" way to do this.  It works well for me.  But I think you do have a network issue and it could take effort and time to track down.
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Thanks for the ideas, will do some analyzing the network here.  Unfortunately, networks are not my strong suite! 
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I have always had the same problem with my 6700 which is connected to my computer via my lan... did this with V1 and the same with the new Ver 2.... my solution is to close both CAT and DAX and then restart them and all is fine.... it’s a pain but part of the price I guess
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I tried to reproduce your problem but everything worked as expected.  My computer and the 6400M are both connected via Ethernet CAT5 cabling to a switch and then the household "IQ" router.

My test follows:

1. Action: Start computer (CAT and DAX are configured to auto-start)

2. Result: CAT and DAX auto start with minimized GUI in the taskbar

3. Action: power up 6400M and wait for full operation

4. Action: on PC, start FLDIGI

5. Result: FLDIGI connects to the DAX stream OK

6. Action: On PC, start LOG4OM (logging program)

7. Result: LOG4OM connects to the CAT port OK

Mark made a good point about potential network / DHCP  issues. I suppose another test might be to attempt a Windows SmartSDR connection to your rig when this happens< as a data point.   Let us know - thanks!

73, Mike KE4U

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Thanks for the ideas..  All is fine here down to step 5, any program such as MMTTY, Logger32, cant connect to the radio.  Something is happening when the computer starts, radio cant connect to either DAX or CAT (they are running but dont connect).
I need to do some research into the problem, thanks.. 
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Thanks for the suggestions:  I looked at local network, saved a few settings and all works fine now.  Something must have been corrupted or not saved correctly as has acted normally after 2 total reboots of computer and radio.  

I am impressed with the performance of the 6400M thus far.  Screen is impressive in its detail, receive audio seems clearer and better fidelity than the 6300 but may be only my perception without switching radios quickly. All of my previous software programs such as MMTTY, Logger32, FT8 work as expected. 
 Will take me a few days to learn to use the touch screen and more knobs instead of totally using the mouse. 
Hope the ability to adjust the size of the waterfall will be a quick software update.

Hats off to Flex and its dedicated employees on such a wonderful product.  
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You do not have SmartSDR installed on another computer do you? 

I had an issue recently with DAX showing connected however it was not. Well not from the PC I wanted anyway.  My "shop" computer has SSDR installed and DAX and CAT is in the startup by default. It was taking over.  I no longer allow DAX or CAT to start automatically.

I doubt this is the case with you but thought I would throw it out there !