6 meter opening and playing on CW

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For the past 2 days I've been playing around on 6 meters.  Mostly on CW but occasionally going up and making a few contacts on SSB.

All I can say is "I love my 6700.....".   I love being down on 40 meters chatting with friends and having a panadapter open on 6 meters watching for an opening.  The past two days have been a blast.  The darn noise floor on 6 is incredibly low and picking out the weak ones has been a blast.  The best part is being able to see ANY, and I mean ANY signal on 6m, immediately moving to that frequency and working the op.   I don't have to have a bunch of frequencies programed into a rig and constantly scanning them for activity, although FRStack lets me do just that.  Instead, I can glance at the huge screen in front of me and see all activity right there in front of me!

I can't imagine anyone buying a rig these days that doesn't have a panadapter.

If you guys haven't been on 6 lately, give it a try. 
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Posted 3 years ago

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Norm, I'm also a big fan of 6m, especially for the Sporadic E season.  The advantage of being able to spot an opening and exploit it quickly cannot be overstated in my mind.  I have one panadapter on Band 1 TV carriers (49.75_ MHz) and one on 6m CW portion.  Nabbed some double-hop Es to Ukraine some days ago just by being aware of how the band was developing.  Like you say, I could never go back to a radio that didn't have a panafall.  Paul M0CVX
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Just worked W5XC (Texas) from here in Maryland during lunch!  Good 6m conditions here!