5-Band DXCC on my Flex-6500!

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Last night I scored LOTW confirmation 100 on 80 Meters.
This completes the 5BDXCC!

Actually 7 bands, all of them from 80 to 10 except 12 Meters, where I only need 4 more to make it all 8 bands!

Almost all of this since I got my Flex-6500 a little over 4 years ago.

It has been such fun, and the 6500’s wonderful panadapter, great SSB Audio, ease of use, and simple interface for digital modes made it all come together.

Thanks again, Flex for making the finest rigs available!

Ken Wells - NM9P
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Posted 2 years ago

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Bill Axelrod

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Congrats Ken!  A significant achievement.  73...   Bill K3WA
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Jim Richardson

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And to do that in 4 years, Outstanding.  It took me 53 years.  Hi Hi  I also enjoy my 6500.  73's and DX de Jim, k4vw
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Larry - W8LLL

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Excellent, then I am glad I didn't bother you when you were calling dx on 80 meter  FT-8 yesterday evening.
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Awesome Ken. Greatest congrats!

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Congrats Ken, I had a blast acomlphishing 5 Band, with an IC-718 , 2 el quad, Zepp, DXLAB Suite and big amp
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Rick Hadley - W0FG

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Congratulations, Ken!  I can't do 80 due to lack of space for a proper antenna, but I've managed all other bands,40-10, since 2014 running just 100w into a vertical and for part of the time, a Hex-beam.
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Ken - NM9P

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Hi Rick. You might try a simple inverted ‘L’ on 80, even if you need to bend it around a bit. You might be surprised.
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Congratulations, Ken!  I am very glad to hear that as an another 6500 user for 4 years at the far east end.
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Rick Ciotti W3DIY

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Making this happen via LOTW is an accomplishment, since many hams outside of the US do not participate in LOTW. I found 80M DXCC was especially difficult due to low DX activity. W3DIY
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Ken - NM9P

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It sure is tough getting all LOTW, but the percentage return is getting much better, especially among contesters and users of the new digital modes.

I have 126 DXCC contacts on 12 Meters, but only 96 confirmed by lotw. Since I don’t have time to sort through lots of cards, I will just wait until I can find 4 more lotw dx on 12 Meters.
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Rick Ciotti W3DIY

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I found Clublog OQRS to be helpful with confirmations from those new ones not using LOTW. Many will accept Paypal, which eliminates sending a QSL or greenstamps that could be lost in the postal system. Some required reminders, but a card was received...eventually. 
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Congrats Ken!
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Congrat's Ken
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Congrats Ken and I share your excitement when getting another DXCC band. Got my license in 2013 and 6 band DXCC so far but tough in a 98' x 110' city lot. Taken full advantage of the panadapter and multiple slices using S & P for new band/countries and DXCC will fall in place. I make time when there is a DXpedition and try to get them on multiple bands as you never know when we'll get another chance for that entity.
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WOW Mike, only licensed four years and you've achived 6bdxcc, how cool is that!
You've been busy my friend.
Congrats to you too.

I had 114 dxcc entities by card when I purchased my 6300 in 2014. Just before I traded the 6300 in June I am at 282 entities, 6bdxcc and 1074 band modes toward the Challenge.
I love LOTW and Flex Radio.
Can't wait to start using the 6600.
Bouvet awaits!!!