4 antennas on a 6500

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Suppose I have 4 antennas I want to connect to my 6500 and be able to quickly switch between them.  I am assuming there is no way to switch between 4 antennas from within SmartSDR?  Would the best way be to use an external antenna switch connected to one of the antenna ports for all four?  I think it would get confusing if I had two on each antenna port.  Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Bob, WK2Y

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Posted 3 months ago

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Ameritron RCS 12....using the pseudo USB on the rear of the 6500....see the USB guide on the Flex Website. The antenna switch will follow the active slice...or the TX...etc....


Lou N2TU
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I do it with this and their cable for Flex radios sold through DXE.  The AL version also takes care of the amp. http://www.hamplus.com/as603al.htm

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I would also strongly suggest: http://cart.flexradio.com/Antenna-Genius-8x2-Plus_p_970.html

Designed to work with Flexradio it takes full advantage of ANT1 and ANT2 you can choose from up to 8 antennas for Port A (ANT1) and Port B (ANT2). Antenna Genius allows you to name your antenna and select what antennas are available for what bands, even for what frequencey ranges for SWLing. See the AG gui below, as I selected 40m, the gui only shows the antennas available that I setup in the AG configuration.

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I use the Antenna Genius 8x1 and it works perfectly!

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If you like to tinker, look at this:


These type of coax switches with SMA or N connectors are good from DC to the multi-GHz range. Those with N-type connectors (i.e., high power) usually cost quite a bit more than the SMA-type. It sounds like you are running barefoot so the SMA connector would suffice for 100W.

Pair the coax-switch with a Pi. Then you may either subscribe to the band-select info through the SmartSDR-API, or read it directly through the USB interface in order to make automatic port selection.
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If there is a linear amplifier in your future, many models offer more than two selectable antenna outputs and can be controlled by Flex 6000 series transceivers. I connect ANT 1 on the Flex to an SPE Expert 2K-FA, with six switchable antenna outputs and an internal tuner., and still have ANT 2 available on the Flex. No need for separate antenna switching gear.
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The antenna genius is nice, but pricey for me, I bought the ameritron rcs8v and put a cheap relay board in it. Now it auto switches when I change bands
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I am using the W2IHY 1x4 antenna switch ($149) and a SainSmart USB8 relay board ($29.99) plugged into the radio as a bit cable. 

I set the each bit in the USB cable setup to follow the active slice and a frequency range for each output, starting with lowest range, then up.

Total cost is under $200 with a small box to mount the relay board inside.

Dave wo2x

Antenna switch

Relay board

Programming of relay board in Radio USB Cable setup

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Bob Gerzoff, WK2Y

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Lots of ways to skin the cat!  Thanks everyone for the suggestions.  Much to consider and learn.  I always wondered about how to make use of those USB connectors.  
73 again.