24 inch monitor with least RF emissions?

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I just realized that a considerable amount of interference from my Dell 24" monitor is being picked up by my 6500 and want to replace it. I have Samsung 24" LED monitor sitting right next to it that does not seem to give off nearly as much RF. 
So...my question is what 24 inch monitors now available give off the least amount of RF interference likely to get back into my 6500?
Tnx es 73 de Arnie W8DU
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Posted 3 years ago

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I have 2 24" Samsung monitors next to my 6500 and no RF noise issues. Had the same monitors next to my 3000 before, no issues. I'm not doing anything special to ground them, etc. But they work fine.

A friend of mine is running 3 24" Samsung monitors and a big 32"+ Curved VISO monitor with no RF issues with his 6500.
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my cheapie ( black friday $100 specials ) Acer 22's don't make much noise...i probe with a battery powered portable on 160m, and if the rx is more than 2 feet away, there's nothing..

I even repaired one ( replaced the electrolytics ), and was surprised at the amount of shielding present...

JM2C, 73, w5xz
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Dual Dell 27" UHD... quite as mice here.

Try some repositioning of components.
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I meant quiet. Dell model P2715Q.

Sometimes just rerouting cables, plugging into different (or same) outlet, or moving radio and monitor at different angles or away from each other can eliminate noise. It might save a few bucks if your current monitor is still a good monitor other than the RFI.

Other than that, any monitor you buy you will probably be taking a chance. While a monitor may work well in one shack it may not be as successful in another shack.

I'm looking to replace these two 27" 4K monitors with a single 40" 4K if I can find a good one on the market. So far, there's not much choice.

Kev K4VD
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I have dual HP 27" with no problems. 
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I had to ditch an old Nec monitor that was awful with rfi! I have 2 Acer monitors now and they are quiet.
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I'm running three Dells in the shack with no RFI whatsoever.
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Two Dell 2414H 24" no issues.
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I've had great luck with inexpensive Acers- have a 27 and 2-23s. Quiet and RF proof too.
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On my third and fourth BenQ monitors, All have been RF quiet. Been using them since the late 90s
19", 21", and now Dual 24"s. When I've needed a new monitor I upgrade to the next available size.
Buy the wife or kids one, put it in the shack upon delivery and if they are quiet I buy one or two for me. If they ever exhibit noise, in testing, I plan to RMA them back in exchange for a different brand/ model. Up to now, the BenQs have all been keepers. 

73, Jay - NO5J

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Thanks to all of you for your insights on this issue. I appreciate the help and now have a good direction to go to solve this problem, I hope!
73 de Arnie W8DU
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Two Dell UltraSharp 24" with two older Dell 20" with no noticeable RFI.
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I use an LG 24 inch and no noise from the monitor. It uses a wall wart supply to power it.
It may not be the monitor per se but the power source. How is yours powered, internal or external and at what voltage?