2017 Field Day - #2 in 1EB

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Hi All,

It appears I managed to take the #2 position in category 1EB for Field Day 2017.

This was with my Flex 6500, an End Fed Wire at 30 feet and a Honda 1000 W generator running my laptop and Flex.  I did part of the context on laptop battery and my dry cells for the Flex to gain some points.

I also managed to copy the VERY LAST Field Day bulletin for those points.

I did not work overnight either.  I worked all day Saturday until about 8pm, then went to bed and started at 6 am the next morning.

I used almost all search and pounce.  I did at one point run a frequency on 40 voice for a short time.

I am certainly not contest savvy or skilled.   I attribute most of my success to the Flex and how easy it was to spot stations to work.

I did something a little different.  I did not want to use a skimmer or helper to find stations and read them.  So I wrote a little program that allowed me to overlay my screen and draw on it.  I assigned the W key to "worked" and the N key to "not worked".  I move my mouse to a signal, identify it, then press either W or N and a red or green line was drawn on the screen.

In S & P mode a worked my way up the band marking and working stations until there were nothing but red lines.  Then I would change bands, modes and repeat.  When red again, change bands and repeat.

Certainly not optimal but it saved me time trying to figure out if I'd worked a station or not.  Still I did a few dupes here and there and I'm sure I missed a few stations.

It was pretty amazing to me as I clicked off areas I needed to work as noted in the logging program that I found a couple of stations that perhaps by their own setup were completely deaf.

There as a station in TN that I really wanted and I tried several times to get him and he never heard me.  Then a short time later another TN popped up and got him.  But the first one must have had their antennas too close or something.  I heard a lot of people calling him/her and not getting through.

Anyway it was a ton of fun!  After working mostly CW I got my code copy speed at least for call signs up to about 40 wpm!
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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Mark, congratulations for the success and for the splendid idea. Would you share your little program? 73, Dieter DJ1YG
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Hi Dieter,

I will be glad to share it.  It is crude and flaky so give me some time to mark it up.

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Or simply use the bandmap feature in N1MM or other loggers.
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Yep... could have done that but what would be the fun in doing everything everyone else did?

I actually decided to work FD about 10 minutes before it started so I had no time set things up.  I wrote the marking program while working the contest.
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Have you thought of moving to Austin and working for Flex??  No I am not recruiting.  HI HI
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Well I spoke too soon.  Not sure why the database was so out of date but I DEFINITELY did not take #2.  LOL... Should have guessed.

Sorry about the wasted bandwidth!