1/8 powered jack too loose

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Is it possible to  tighten the 1/8 speaker plug on the back of the radio.  On my 6500 it is sloppy to the point where it will barely hold. It will fall out at the slightest touch.
A bit of Gorilla Glue perhaps?  Can it be reached by removing the lid and crimping it?
A minor aggravation but aggravating none the less.
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Posted 1 year ago

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Hello Gene, consider trying a 1/4 to 3/8 size round doughnut style magnet.. I've seen them come in various inside diameters that could fit around your 1/8 inch mini jacket maybe use a little Gorilla Glue to hold the magnet on jacket, line it up so the magnet is right at the face and when you plug it into the back of the radio SNAP, 

nice and secure. 
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I doubt you can do anything to the jack itself.  My F5000 jack was intermittent and I figured the jack was bad.  It turned our that the jack is only mounted on the CB (at least on the 5000) and repeated plugging in damaged a trace on the board.  Each time you plug in it puts a force on the pads.  That I was able to repair with a very small solder tip and lots of care; never had another problem. The 6500 might be the same-I can't tell if there is a nut on  the back panel from the pictures.

But if the plug keeps falling out then the jack probably needs to be replaced and that might be a job for Flex.  But you didn't say if the jack was intermittent.  If it's that loose I'd think you'd have connection issues.  If the jack is bad or going bad the gorilla glue solution might be problem later.

I'd have to open it up.
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it's not loose enough to have connection issues.  it is probably time to look at the insides.
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Gene, what I would do? Open a Help ticket and as what Flex recommends you do.