1.4 Prior to Thanksgiving?

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Many of us folks here in the US will be on holiday to celebrate Thanksgiving next Thursday (11/27).  This means that most of us be on vacation and will have some extra availability to play on the radio. 

I hope upon hope that 1.4 will be released prior to Thanksgiving.  While the XYL is participating in the "Black Friday" madness, I can be sitting in my easy chair, laptop on my lap, casually doing DX while watching football.

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Jay -- N0FB, Elmer

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Posted 5 years ago

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You have done it now. You have put a hex on the release date. Lucky to get it before Christmas now.
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Frank N5WJ

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I second that Jay... I would love to have it today hihi... We shall see..

Frank  N5WJ

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Not to rain on the hopes and wishes but...Flex is unlikely to release an update that will probably need an uptick in support right when those employees involved would be with their families.

I know they are working very hard on 1.4. I'm hoping that a few days with their loved ones will allow a fresh and final look before the code is released.

No one joined my pool on the release date I put forward 2 weeks ago but I have a date in mind.

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Frank N5WJ

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You are probably Right Jon, I really would prefer if they didn't put out dates for the Releases until maybe a week before they actually release them that way we are not watching the calendar and hoping/wishing it will happen when they say.. I am anxious to see it and use it like everyone else but hopefully the extra time will kill most of the bugs in it ahead of time... that will surely make the extra time it took to get it out worth it for sure at least to me.. I am having a ball with my Flex 6500 so as long as it keeps clicking along I am happy...

Frank.. N5WJ

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I bagsie 10th December. If I can have a second choice too I'll take 18th December.
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Very astute call on your part Jon.  
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I hope to see it before I have to pack the F6.7 for our move to FL.  
That leaves me several weeks to see the new features until I setup in late April 2015.
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My Bet is: 

Release of V1.4 on Dec 31, 2014 - So it will be done in 2014

Release of V1.5 on April 17, 2015  - Visalia DX Convention 2015 - To show DX'ers the features

Release of V2.0 on May 15,2015  - Dayton Hamvention 2015- To show off WAN Remote

Plus since they are also a hardware company.. I expect something new and exciting at Dayton 2015
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I think (hope) you may be a little long on 1.4.  But I will be happy if I get it before Christmas Break.

1.5 sounds reasonable.  Hopefully we will get the improved NR features before spring thunderstorm season ramps up.

I think 2.0 sounds like a realistic goal, if they are developing concurrently with 1.5.

If I were a betting man, I also would also bet on some new hardware introduced at Dayton.
(Darn, I really wasn't planning to go to Dayton in 2015.  Guess I need to change my vacation schedule....)

Hmmm.... I wonder what it will be?
my two best guesses are:  
1) a 6100 or 6110   (5 or 10 watt QRP rig)
2) something for VHF/UHF -- a 6000VU?

Ken - NM9P
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I don't think they necessarily will release the software by Visalia or Dayton. They did show 1.3 beta at the ARRL Convention in Hartford.

Let's hope we get new software soon! Always fun to explore the new features.

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As a retired software developer with 30 years of experience, I would rather wait, let the developing team actually get some sleep and eat something other than take out pizza at the desk with no unrealistic deadlines.  Otherwise we will get another load of bugs.  I had to revert from 1.3.8 back to 1.3.
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I agree Jim.  I'm waiting with great excitement for the new FM mode...  But I want it right not just released to get it out there.
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I'm looking forward to playing with the integrated digital audio.

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