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Hard Copy User Manual
Will there be a printed manual available for purchase for the 6400M/6600M? Its so much easier to find stuff make notes and you don't have...
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Remotely control a KPA500?
I have an FTDI cable and null modem hooked up to my 6400 and KPA500. When I change bands in SSDR the bands also change on the KPA500.  Ho...
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Anyone using a W6LVP loop?
I was wondering if anyone here is using one of the loop antennas from W6LVP. If so how well does it work for you on VLF, LF, 160, 80 and ...
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Flex 6400 vs 6600
Is it worth the price difference for a non contester Ham? Are these models at base the same? First of all I seriously consider going for ...
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