Photo of John-KC2QMA
Show Us Your FlexRadio In Your Shack
I thought it might be fun to have us Flex users show a picture of their FlexRadio in their shack. Here is my 6600M in my shack. It's i...
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Photo of Jim, VE6JF
My Flex decision
A few years ago I looked at every transceiver on the market and ended up with a TS590SG which I still like and plan to keep. My initial r...
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Photo of Ilmo Anttila
Fast on/off of slice audio in Flex control
In chasing of DXs it is important to listen to two slices. However it is not practical to have both slices on all time. For a weak DX bot...
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Photo of Ria - N2RJ
WAE DX contest - raw scores
Based on raw scores, it looks like I am #1 in North America for the Worked All Europe DX contest, SOHP. This is actually the first time I...
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Photo of Ross Biggar
Problem --6700 with a high noise level
My 6700 has suddenly developed an S6 noise level , from a normal level of S3. the screen is showing about -108.  This noise level is stil...
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Photo of Ray DeVreugd
SmartSDR Software Users Guide with Bookmarks
Hello All - For some time I have tried to read the SmartSDR User Guide but found it hard to skim thru the pages to find the topic or ente...
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