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6500 3.1.8 upgrade timeout
I did the upgrade to 3.1.8 unfortunately it did not complete successful. I am getting the TIMEOUT message on the display. I have tried th...
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QRM on 40 meters
I know that I have seen this signal on 40 meters before but I can not remember what it was. It seems to be very wide for the CW/Digital p...
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FT8 issue
6600M working fine, with external Maestro...until upgraded 3.18 last week.  Now I can't get the FT8 to read....continues to say Driver Er...
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Giving some love to my 6600
Back for few days at home at Venezuelaand giving some love to my 6600Updated to Smart SDR 2.6.1 smooth installation without inconvenience...
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DAX corruption
Hi all, This issue is not specific to 3.1.8 but it seems to remain.  I have a Flex-6600. My poor computer has had a fair number of Smar...
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