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FT8 and ALC on 6500
Hi allI keep having messages that my signal is bad on FT8.I am using Windows 10, SmartSDR v2.4.9 and WSJT-x v2.0.0I am told it is an ALC ...
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Computer build
I am in the process of a New Computer build for my station. I am tossed between a Air Cooler for my CPU or a Water Cooler system. Has any...
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Rec only
On the 6500, is there an option to make Ant 2 "receive only"? I want to connect my Pixel Loop to Ant 2, so that I can use RXIN & RXOUT fo...
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Case fan noise
Just wondering ??  After 5 months of living with a Flex 6500 and Maestro,  I have gotten use to all the quirks that happen and the long l...
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