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Selling my Flex 6700 - Fully Loaded
I am moving soon and will be migrating to a remote system using a Flex-6300 and Maestro, thus my beloved Flex-6700 is for sale. It is in ...
  • William Hein, 3 years ago

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antenna genius
Does anyone at FRS know when the 403a genius products are going to be controlled by SmartSDR. I purchased one and it can only respond to ...
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Rack Mount 6300
Has anyone successfully Rack Mounted a 6300? I have acquired a Gator 4U wit a couple shelf plates. I'm thinking that this might be my s...
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Jackson Labs LC-XO-Plus GPSDO
Is there any experience out there using this GPSDO? It is external, small and has low power consumption. Their kit has everything needed ...
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wsjt 9 .5
how do you set up wsjt 9.5 with dax i run fsk441 iscat jt65b for eme and ms how do you get it to work can,t get it going
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