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Need Help With Audio
I installed SmartSDR 1.4 on two different notebooks, an old HP Lenovo T61 running Windows 7, amd a brand new Dell XPS, fully loaded and r...
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Marking QSOs using TNF
See photo, I mark QSOs that I have worked on the band with TNFs... ?is there another flex radio  method to do this, currently or being pl...
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Lost Iambic A-B capability
A few days ago, my F6300 (v1.3.8.47) lost it's ability to operate in iambic mode i.e,. when I squeeze the paddles of my iambic key (Brown...
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Noise Ripples
I have noise ripples that cross every band that I tune the Flex 6700 to. These are represented in the waterfall as swirls that go across ...
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Was reading about Smart SDR and it says it has the ability to decode all the CW on a band. How do you do this. What distinguishes Smart...
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