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SSDR V3 Pros and Cons
I have started this conversation as a method of understanding how V3 is doing in the real world. It is NOT for bickering, do that somewhe...
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Documentation V3.xx
Is the documentation available yet for Version 3.xx? I checked the download page and it appeared empty. Ken AG2K
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My take on V3
When examing vertical alignment and value, Flex charging for V3 makes perfect sense.  First, most companies rely on vertical alignment to...
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V3.0 Install
I purchased and installed Version 3.0 without a hitch, everything went well. Congrats to the FRS team. This upgrade does exactly what I w...
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power genius IMD at 2000w
power genius is rated 2kw output so therefore I would like to know the 3rd and 5th order imd at the 2kw level? What current and voltage d...
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