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2.4.9 ANF
Improved/properly working ANF still nowhere to be found. Truly sad. So many basic things need work. Instead we get a multicolored S Met...
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Was not aware of the Heatsink problem or the RF Pre amp enhancement. How are users made aware of such issues ? 
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Palstar LA-1K and ACOM 1200S
I am wondering if there are any Flex users using either of the two solid state amps I am considering and what they like/dislike about the...
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Big Time Praise!!
First off I want to apologize for a few of my online rants the last few days on this forum.. And to the wonderful lady's at Flex who answ...
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Why do sdr's lack?
Wow ... Im impressed ... My 2016 later technology analog ftdx5000mp still stands above most of the newest sdr rigs except the flex 6700 ...
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