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band change persistence ...
I believe this is a change incorporated in v1.6.21.77, and surely a change to facilitate the needs of contesters. However, I am finding i...
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Power meter
Submitted for consideration -- Could the front panel display on the 6500/6700 become home to a Power/SWR meter? As much as I admire my o...
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ATU memory on 1.6.17
ATU memory does not appear to be retained in certain circumstances. If you tune to a frequency, (7.076) for example. Confirm MEM indicato...
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CW debouncing ...
I once reported that I thought the debouncing scheme on CW was flawed and essentially unusable using my old Vibroplex 'Bug' keyer. I wrot...
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Flex6300 Band edge limit
I am going to raise this again because I am not getting it and it's frustrating me. I will use the 17 meter band as an example here.  The...
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