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Receive Latency
I just made some measurements on cw receive latency and wanted to share them.  I used a simple methodology of recording the tx sidetone i...
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Flex 6500 and RTTY/PSK
Hello all. Which would be the most appropriate RTTY/PSK decoding program to use in order to take full advantage of the 6500 ? I am not se...
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CW Decoding
Yep, I know we can get this through a 3rd party product - CW Skimmer -- but with the ICOM 7300 and Elecrafts providing this natively, why...
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USB CAT output strings
I have been interfacing my Flex 6500 to an Arduino UNO using the new USB cabling support and find that many times, when changing bands, t...
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No output power
Ok gang now that I got my receive issue working I have no output power. I have tried all modes and bands and I get nothing on either the ...
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