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OS X Port
I would love to see the developer port the iOS version to OSX. I have the DPSDR but not real happy with it. I love the iOS version ! Woul...
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OSx - options for routing sound between xDAX, WSJT-X and FLDIGI
As a Mac user I've been experimenting with several alternatives for routing audio between xDAX and digital applications including WSJT-X ...
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DogPark SDR & Sound Siphon for Digital Modes
Attached is a guide for Mac users wishing to operate digital modes without resorting to an external sound device. It's not quite DAX, but...
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Apple Airport Extreme
I am using an Apple Airport Extreme router and cant get a green light on the ports for Smartlink. I have entered them in the router confi...
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USB Drivers Windows 8.1
I am unable to load the Flex 1500 USB Drivers because windows 8.1 reports them as not being signed correctly. Any fix for this ?
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Tablet operation with Flex 1500 + Dell Venue 8 Pro
It took a little work but I am now running PowerSDR 2.7.2 on my new Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet.  Also using FLDigi with it.   The tablet use...
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