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SmartSDR v2.0.17 Now Available
FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v2.0.17 for the FLEX-6000 Signature Series SDRs.  SmartSDR v2.0.17 is ...
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SmartSDR v1.7.30 Band Edge Markers
I miss the band edge markers I had in PSDR. Are there any plans to implement this feature in SSDR? This is a minor problem but it would b...
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A Friend in Need...
I have nothing but praise for the FlexRadio employee who picked up on the fact that I had mentioned here in community that I had purchase...
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IP Trouble Continues
Difficulty getting a useful IP address in the correct domain... Dear Friends: I have had several conversations in the past "off the rec...
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SSDR 1.6 TNF Select
Using new v1.6 on my 6300 the +TNF select button on the slice popouts only stay selected as long as the mouse pointer stays on it. TNF at...
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Wrong CD for 6300
My 6300 came with a CD marked "SmartSDR Version 1.3.8" however all the files are for Flex-3000 and 5000 series radios and the software is...
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