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SmartSDR for Windows mute 6600M internal speaker
Using SmartSDR 2.1.33 with FLEX-6600M V2.1.33.106.  When I am using the radio's audio I would like to use headphones with no external amp...
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There seems to be little interest in the The PowerGenius XL
I understand the excitement over the new radio models being shipped. How ever the new amp is a large project witch there is little inform...
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My XYL's 6600M shipped today
My wife ordered the 6600M on 5/22/2017 and she received the shipping notice today.  So it looks like FRS has shipped out all the Hamventi...
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Will the new Visual Studio & .Net release for Mac allow FRS to build a SmartSDR Client for Mac?
Hello.   As Microsoft has acquired Xamarin and has now published their own fully supported version of Visual Studio environment and .net ...
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