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No mike auto with DAX on with 3.4.9
Can some one tell me why I now have no mike auto out with dax on using 3.4.9 ?
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My 6600M will not transmit or receive.
I had my 6600M on all day yesterday monitoring 12m FT8 and everything was working fine, I stepped out to do some chores and when I came ...
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Heatsinks are falling off in 6400 and 6600 models.
As part of the Product Enhancement Notification (PEN) or Recall.  If you want to know where to look to see if both of your heatsinks are ...
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6600 no received signals and S9 +10 noise floor
Let me start that I have already opened a support ticket on this. In the mean time I thought I would see if anyone else had an idea. Yest...
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Getting to Know Your FLEX-6400M / FLEX-6600M, MENU OVERVIEW
I hope this YouTube Video helps some.  I cover the Menu and some more front panel controls at the end.   
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6600 vs 6700 receiver performance differences - flex dinner 2017
@Steve @Gerald At the Flex dinner on Saturday night Steve mentioned that the 6600 receiver performance would be better than the 67...
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Two instances of WSJT-X V1.6.0
I watched the SmartSDR 1.6 demo for CAT & DAX and was impressed with 2 instances of WSJT-X. I tried looking at the setup on the video but...
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