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N3FJP and CW Keying on Flex-6400M
I'm getting ready for the IL QSO Party and want to setup my N3FJP contest program so it will operate the Flex 6400M in CW mode. Must I us...
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SmartSDR v3.1.7 Upgrade
After I received notice that the v3.1.7 upgrade was available I risked losing my "man card" by downloading and reading the release notes ...
  • Tim N9PUZ, 4 weeks ago

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Flex-6400M Internal Tuner Behavior
I'm experiencing some odd behavior with the internal tuner on 75/80 Meters.If I go to a frequency above around 3.900 MHz the tuner will r...
  • Tim N9PUZ, 2 months ago

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SSDR V3 Pros and Cons
I have started this conversation as a method of understanding how V3 is doing in the real world. It is NOT for bickering, do that somewhe...
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