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DAX Driver error
Hi I’m having problems with the DAX. It’s coming up an error message that says: DAX Driver Error. I went to the 64 bit drivers carpe...
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V3 Doesn't like Maestro
I had great hopes for V3 and my Maestro.  They fixed the bug that caused the Maestro to occasionally lock up the radio, local or remote, ...
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V3 issue
One thing I noticed with V3 is if I am on Maestro on 40 m LSb and I connect via PC and do ft8 with my FT8 profile when I exit FT 8 t my m...
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Maestro Sidetone Volume
Hi Tim, Is there a way to tame down the sidetone volume of the Maestro? Switching between the computer and the Maestro blows out the ear...
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Flex 6500 NO RF out
Ok I have a flex 6500 SmartSDR Ver 2x I just purchased a month ago. It has been working perfect with a heil Pro set headphones until la...
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