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Maestro power on
Well the new 6600 is here. I had a Maestro with my 6500 and everything worked fine. Sent the 6500 in as a trade in for the 6600 so the Ma...
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Flex 6300 on 630M
I am very pleased with my Flex 6300 on 630 meters.  I am using it with a MF Solutions Transmit Converter.  I am using the Flex transverte...
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Unwanted IP Connection
Using Windows 10 and a Flex 6500 with V2.  I noticed today an IP address popping up in the lower right corner of my screen indicating it ...
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Frequency Drift
I have been experiencing a weird drift problem. I am running the latest Smart SDR. So far I have not noticed this with the latest IOS ver...
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