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CW Skimmer mirror images
FLEX 6600M with SliceMaster and CW Skimmer: I have had a problem with CW Skimmer that has come up recently that is best explained by dis...
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IDEA: Make the Login big enough to see.
How much smaller could you make the lettering for the Smart Link login? (sarcasm) The keyboard on the 66XXM is hard enough to type on. It...
  • Terry K8EET, 1 year ago

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SDR Ver 3
SDR Ver 3 so for those of us who don’t need two operators, how long before we will need buy the upgrade before we miss out on other new f...
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Smart link to laptop
I am attempting to connect to my laptop with SmartLink. Everything checks out, but I don't have any way to key the laptop to register it....
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