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Inrad Mics
Something you may want to do with your mic description on the web site is let people know which mic has the more dynamic full range audio...
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Disapointment with Flex
Received invoice for my 6400 on Wednesday 5/30. started a transfer to pay for it and told flex I would pay on Friday or Monday.  Do you w...
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Flex control
I'm on the list to be notified when the FlexControl is again available. I've read the section of the User Guide and notice that one of th...
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Smartsdr v2.2.8 verdict
Tim the jury(me after 4 days use) is in with a guilty verdict on the charges of providing quailty refined version with no issues detected...
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new inrad microphones
good morning all.  Got my flex back last night. :)  I purchased a Inrad 629 desk microphone.  created a profile.  When I key the mike, it...
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2.2.8 update
Update went smooth, I uninstalled and cold booted as suggested.2.2.8 seems to have fixed my Ethernet signal strength problem, I new it wa...
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