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Flex 6700 humming issue
I have strong hum coming from my Bose Companion 2 Series III.After playing with the setup I come to the following conclusion: hum is comi...
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RF WNB Noise issue
I have recently noticed that I have developed a buzzing sound mostly noticed when on my Titan vertical. The Hex has much less of this eff...
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tx3 profile
I haveSO2R set using TX1 and TX2 and as I change bands theTX follows no problem.  Now I want to use my 6 meter amp and use TX3 for PTT.  ...
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SmartLink Down?
Is SmartLink down or do with the Version 3 upgrade do we have to perform another setup? Both my Maestro and laptop app get the "connect" ...
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6500 3.1.8 upgrade timeout
I did the upgrade to 3.1.8 unfortunately it did not complete successful. I am getting the TIMEOUT message on the display. I have tried th...
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