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CW Skimmer and Slicemaster
I'm running a Flex 6400 with DM780,  WSJT-X, Log4OM, and FLDIGI.  I have Slicemaster installed, but to be honest I don't see what it doin...
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Connect Raspberry Pi to Flex 6K
I'm looking for some example code to connect a RPi 3B+ to my 6700 using either FlexLib or the Ethernet API. For the time being I want to ...
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PW-1 interface
I have been beta testing a new interface between the Flex signature series radios - and the Icom PW-1 amplifier. While not yet completed ...
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Trade-in issues
I shipped my Flex 6500 to Texas as a trade in on Feb. 5th, 2018. It arrived at Flex Feb. 8th, 2018. The Help Desk Ticket showed it's ...
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