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Random Disconnect
Radio randomly disconnects whether I am actively using or just left running. Is this a bug or a feature?   It's about time for an answe...
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1.11 upgrade at GW9J
After playing in the WAE dx ssb contest at the weekend, swapping between my flex 6300 and new ic7300, it confirmed that I still prefer us...
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Is SmartSDR v2.0 ready?
Dear Customers,As you may be aware, our software team and alpha test group has been hard at work developing and testing the new SmartLink...
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Flex Meter V1.2
In anticipation of upcoming changes in the Flex Radio API, I have updated the Flex Meter program that I wrote a few years ago. This is a...
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CW Decoding
Yep, I know we can get this through a 3rd party product - CW Skimmer -- but with the ICOM 7300 and Elecrafts providing this natively, why...
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upgrade problem 6300
I sold my 6500 this week which had been running on 1.6.21 on this laptop with no issues. I bought a friends 6300 as a temp measure whilst...
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Having some issues setting n1nmplus up with 1.6. In previous version I had cat working and could have a and b slices in so2v mode and fre...
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New CAT rejigging
I am slowly getting used to all the upgrades to SSDR etc and my other programs before getting on the air again. I noticed a few changes ...
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