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How to connect an MFJ 464 to a 6500
Looking to connect an MFJ 464 (CW Keyer/Reader) to an 6500.  I am looking at using the Accessory connector to make the connections. Pin 2...
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Smart SDR V1.8.3
After downloading installing SmartSDR V1.8.3.  I shut down the radio removed DC power.  Rebooted windows PC.  Powered up PC.  Then powere...
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900 MHZ tranverter Issue
I am trying to connect my DEM 900 MHZ transverter.  To my 6500 but had not luck.  The transverter is connected to the transverter port on...
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Going to buy a Flex 6500
After test driving a friends Flex 6700 for the past month. I am going to buy a Flex 6500.  This has been a fantastic radio to play with a...
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