Photo of John-KC2QMA
Show Us Your FlexRadio In Your Shack
I thought it might be fun to have us Flex users show a picture of their FlexRadio in their shack. Here is my 6600M in my shack. It's i...
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SmartLink - how many simultaneous clients?
My primary interest in the Flex 6xx is WAN remote. Does anyone know if: 1) SmartLink will support more than one connection simultaneou...
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SSDR V2.2.8 Update
Installed V2.2.8 and smooth update, no issues and all working fine.   The new SPLIT button is nice, automatic up 1 on CW and TX is enab...
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Photo of Al / NN4ZZ
MaestroControl - the next generation FlexControl
FRS has announced that a version of the Maestro software will eventually be released that will  operate as a control surface and run conc...
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Virtual Audio Cable
I'm currently running SSDR 2.0.17 and SmartSDR DAX with my Flex 6700. I have some other SDR radios that need a virtual audio cable soluti...
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Photo of John - K3MA
No activity on spectrum or waterfall upon restart V2
I have noticed a glitch.  On a local LAN Flex 6500 running V2.  Sometimes when shutting down the software and restarting it there is no a...
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WSJT-X Transmit Audio is Chopped. Local Remote operation
I am having a problem with transmit audio sounding chopped when monitored. I have been having trouble making contacts and seems to be the...
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Photo of Tim Hill - KI6LSB
Hooking up a Expert 2K-FA to my Flex 6500
Hi Everyone, Can someone Please tell me how to hookup a Expert 2K-FA to my Flex 6500. I am not using DDUTIL at this time and do know ho...
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Flex 6700 and Expert amp SPE 2K FA Connections
Their are numerous posts up here on how to hook up/connect a Flex 6700 to the SPE 2K FA.  I wanted to summarize and make clear several po...
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