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AirPods pro
Hi everyone... Just wondering if anyone has any experience in using the New Apple AirPod Pro’s on the iPad and iPhone 11? I have been t...
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Stream Deck
Just got my Stream Deck working this morning.  I programed it yesterday and today bought one at Best Buy.   Thank you Mark, W3II for maki...
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6400 vs 6500
Hello all, newbie here.  I am interested in the 6400 and have seen the specs on the Flex website.  I see that there was a previous model,...
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MARS filters?
Question for Tim... Specifically, what changes were done to the pre-selector filters for the MARS mod.  Asking because there are numerou...
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Trade-in issues
I shipped my Flex 6500 to Texas as a trade in on Feb. 5th, 2018. It arrived at Flex Feb. 8th, 2018. The Help Desk Ticket showed it's ...
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